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Wrecker Cookeville | I-40 Tires And Truck Repiar - Wrecker

There are few things more intimidating in the truck driving profession than the moment when a truck just doesn't want to move another inch.

Truck And Trailer Repair Cookeville | I-40 Tires And Truck Repiar - Truck And Trailer Repair

Without a doubt, our most popular services come in the form of truck and trailer repairs. Though some truck drivers do rely on our towing services...

National Tire Account Cookeville | I-40 Tires And Truck Repiar - National Tire Account

Most truck drivers have access to a National Tire account that allows them to charge certain maintenance, repairs, and replacements of their...

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At I-40 Tires and Truck Repair, we specialize in performing repairs on trucks and trailers that travel down Interstate 40 every day, generally en route to a big delivery. We understand that, despite the best efforts of truck drivers, these large and cumbersome vehicles sometimes simply won't move another inch. That's where our wrecker comes in. Like any good repair shop anywhere in the country, we can make sure that even the most damaged truck or trailer gets to our location in a safe and quick manner. Best of all, we've worked to keep our prices down so that truck drivers don't have to spend too much money out of pocket for towing, repairing, and our many other services.

The unique nature of truck driving means that many people find themselves in need of several repairs at one time. Because most dispatching companies place pretty tight regulations on their employees' mileage and the amount of time they have to make any delivery, it can be hard for many drivers to seek out multiple mechanics with the right expertise to fix tires, trucks, and trailers all at once. At I-40 Tires and Truck Repair, we're familiar with these needs. That's why we offer a one-stop shop for truck drivers who need several different kinds of repair before they can continue en route to their destination. Furthermore, we know that most drivers are on a tight schedule and we waste no time getting to work on quick results.