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We cater to truck drivers who need on-the-go repairs and expertise as well as fair prices.

We Know Repairs And Wrecking

About Us | I-40 Tires And Truck Repair : Cookeville, TN

Cookeville's location in central Tennessee means that it isn't very close to the state's major urban centers. It also means that our local economy virtually depends on the large amount of passenger and truck traffic that passes through on Interstate 40 every day. With that kind of focus, it made sense for I-40 Tires and Truck Repair to open its doors to truck drivers who repairs needed but found themselves far from the state's most populated areas. Our goal was to address this need not only with the only major repair shop in miles, but also with an unparalleled commitment to fast service and unique options.

Fast Work for Drivers in a Hurry

Because I-40 Tires and Truck Repair was founded largely to work exclusively with truck drivers; we've worked to customize our services to those sensibilities. One thing that we know very well is that most truckers are on a tight, inflexible deadline when it comes to their next delivery. A repair is never on the agenda, it is never allotted for in these deadlines, and every moment away from the highway is a moment that might not be tolerated by the dispatch company.

I-40 Tires and Truck Repair employ a very professional staff with decades of repair experience. We work to make sure that everything we do, from a basic tire repair to larger service requests, is done in record time. We like to think of ourselves as the truck driving equivalent of a NASCAR pit stop, able to perform routine maintenance and repairs in the blink of an eye.

Keep Us On Your Radar While Driving I-40

We know that the market for our services is generally a "niche" market, but we urge truck drivers to think of us the next time they pass through Cookeville, Tennessee, while they're on Interstate 40. We can handle small repairs, big maintenance problems, and even trucks that won't budget another inch. Get in touch with us immediately and let us know how we can help!