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Our Wrecker Service May Be Exactly What You Need

Wrecker | I-40 Tires And Truck Repair : Cookeville, TN

There are few things more intimidating in the truck driving profession than the moment when a truck just doesn't want to move another inch. While this is traumatizing enough for regular drivers who need to simply push their car or truck to the side of the road, it's an entirely different ordeal for truck drivers. Trailers are extremely heavy, trucks are not exactly easy to push off the road, and deadlines can easily get blown as drivers wait around for a fix.

Trust Our Wrecker to Get the Job Done Quickly

At I-40 Tires and Truck Repair, our close proximity to Interstate 40 has allowed us to see dozens of trucks that malfunction and refuse to budge. It's why we've employed a large and efficient wrecker since our very first day in business. When an emergency happens and a truck is immobilized, our crew will be on-site within just moments to help drivers free their truck from the trailer, transport it to our local facility, and conduct the repairs that will get it moving again.

Best of all, everything we do when a truck won't budget is designed to be highly efficient and completed in record tie. We know that most truck drivers don't have a moment to spare, and many of them would rather not wait around for hours upon hours while a repair is completed. With our expert team on the job, it will be easy for drivers to quickly resume their route and arrive on time.

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